BAS2SVT 2 Sides Vertical Tripod Turnstile

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: Tripod Turnstile

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1. Stainless steel sheet metal forming, beautiful, durable2. Dimensions : 420 × 450 × 980 (mm)3. Channel width: less than 550 (mm);4....


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1. Stainless steel sheet metal forming, beautiful, durable
2. Dimensions : 420 × 450 × 980 (mm)
3. Channel width: less than 550 (mm);
4. Brake lever steering : two-way
5. Control mode: manual/ automatic (optional)
6. Can mount a variety of control devices: metal security gate/ IC card/ ID card/ card/ barcode card, etc.
7. Working environment: indoor(outdoor use shall stand awning)
8. Ultra quiet design: Mechanical design using third-generation silent, smooth operation no noise impact;
9. Super bright passage indicator: directional design of ultra- bright LED lights to indicate a more eye-catching ;
10. Automatic access function: the reader automatically run after the brake lever to unlock certain angle, automatically bring people through the gates ;
11. Multiple modes of function: by setting the switch can be set to the gates normally open , normally closed two modes of operation ;
12. Access memory function: After several pedestrians card, access gates opportunity to remember the number, until the entire passage of pedestrians closing;
13. Power off the pole, the power from the bar features: gates automatically after power brake lever to facilitate evacuation fall to meet fire safety requirements ; ( automatic type )
14. Anti-collision function: no credit card pedestrian push the brake lever , lock gates ;
15. Remote control: RS485 card can be accessed by computer or TCP to RS485 remote control gates ;
16. Automatic reset function: by credit card is not specified , within the time gates back in situ cancel access .
17. Limit the number of access functions: limit the number of access by software to meet the special circumstances of personnel management ; ( to be customized )
18. Counting function: to increase the number of counter statistics out ; ( to be customized )
19. Anti-reverse pass function: access process, the brake lever has been rotated a certain angle after only forward, to prevent one card too many people; (to be customized)
20. Illegal intrusion alarm function: no credit card when forced through a pedestrian, the pedestrian gate alarm chance to swipe traffic. ( To be customized )



Power Supply   AC220V
Temperature   -15 to 60 degrees
Humidity   <95%, without concretion
Passage Width   <=600mm 
Passing Speed   40 persons/min
Power Consumption   100W
Input Interface   +12V electrical signal or impulse signal
width   more than 100ms
drive current   >10mA 
Communication Interface   RS485 (Distance:<=1200m) 
Material   304 stainless steel
Dimension   420*450*980 mm

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BAS2SVT 2 Sides Vertical Tripod Turnstile

₦1,200,000.00 ₦1,360,000.00