3 Meters Hydraulic Road Block

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The Hydraulic Road Blocker are widely used in highway toll stations, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military bases, customs, banks, industrial and...


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The Hydraulic Road Blocker are widely used in highway toll stations, checkpoints, prisons, airports, government agencies, embassies, military bases, customs, banks, industrial and mining enterprises, ports, warehouses, parking lots, and all places where vehicle traffic is restricted. The placeman sends instructions through the control system, and the hydraulic transmission enables the roadblock device to quickly ascend and descend. After the vehicle passes, the roadblock is automatically lifted and lowered by the inductive detection automatic command of the roadblock device or the manual button operation; to control the lane, the door is released or closed. To effectively prevent vehicles from forcibly punching cards.
The product adopts hydraulic drive technology for mandatory interception, strong load-bearing and anti-collision capability, simple and flexible operation, hydraulic transmission, stable and fast action, low noise, strong traffic capacity, safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity and stable lifting.
The Hydraulic Road Blocker can be used together with the traffic barrier gate, the smart card charging management system and the access control attendance system to form a complete crossing management system. (added according to user requirements)

  • Durable, Overload, Operate Smoothly, Low Noise, Fast speed up & down
  • Micro-control technology makes bollards work stable and reliable, Easy integrate to other systems
  • Compatible with road barrier, Turnstiles and other access system control to achieve automatic control
  • Advanced mature Hydraulic pressure technologies 
  • Remote control system realize wireless control up & down within 30 meters range
  • Customized for different users requests
  • Controller display : LCD and LED
  • Swiping card system: built-in card reader to control bollards up & down
  • Road barrier integrate with Bollards : built-in access control realize road barrier, A/C and bollards in one-card 
  • Connected with Computer Management OR Charging Systems


    1, control system: hydraulic (liquid crystal display, English, Russian, Turkish, Spanish, different language menu, the language is customized).
    2, power supply voltage: 380V (control voltage 24V).
    3. System Power: 3.7KW
    4, pressure capacity: more than 120 tons of container trucks.

    5, anti-collision: K12 (equivalent to 120KM / hour impact, the car is blocked, the equipment works as usual)
    5, protection level: IP68 (dustproof, waterproof)
    5, open time: 3~6S (adjustable).
    6, closing time: 3~6S (adjustable).
    7, communication: RS485 ≤ 1200M.
    8, the degree of elevation: 450mm-800mm.
    9, working temperature: -45 ° C --- 75 ° C.
    10, hydraulic pressure is adjustable, normal pressure should be adjusted below 50KGF, the maximum can not exceed 70KGF.
    11 Storage environment: -10 °C - 75 °C, rainproof, moisture proof and dustproof.
    12. Weight: 2200kg-5500kg approx

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3 Meters Hydraulic Road Block

₦9,440,000.00 ₦10,400,000.00